Back in 2009-2010, I wrote my first series of blog posts about God’s absolute love and ended up editing them into a self-published book in 2011. During the years since then, my understanding has grown exponentially, so I have decided it’s time to write a second series of blog posts. There have been some definite, big-time changes in my understanding with most of the changes being about how the Bible and science relate to each other and thus providing a richer and fuller understanding of God’s absolute love.

This second round of blog posts will not restate the information in book. However, there are some portions of the book which will serve as background to the new understandings that I share; when I refer to those portions, I will use this format: (Vol. 1, pp. #-#). In case anyone would like to read the first series of posts, here are links to a couple of vendors of the book.

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 Just remember, my understanding has changed in some areas. For example, I have come to understand that God generates light energy which is called the Holy Spirit (we will talk a lot about this topic)—when I wrote the first series of posts, I tried to divide spirit and physicality without realizing that God’s light energy is His Holy Spirit. Remember, our knowledge and understanding of God is progressive and should continue to grow.

 I do not know yet how many posts I will be writing nor do I know if I will edit this new series of posts into a second book. However, if I do decide to create a second book, it would be titled God’s Absolute Love: Perfect, Complete, and Real: Volume 2. We will have to wait and see what God opens up.